Collection: Book for 3rd June

Welcome to Devonport Market on 3rd June

Below is the one-off booking forms for the next market

This link will be sent out following each market and approximately 3 weeks prior to every market.  It will be updated with the locations still available at the next market.  It does change each month and you can book for the next market. 

However, if a location is sold out, this means that another stallholder has already booked this location for this market, so please see if there is anywhere else you'd like to be.

Here you can select and book your space for the market and if you have any problems, please email me at:

Devonport Market is situated at Devonport Ferry Terminal

The market is split into teams:

  • Red Team - situated outside the market, at the front.  You will need a Gazebo to be here.
  • Blue Team - the location just inside the door that customers arrive at as they enter the Ferry Terminal
  • Green Area - We call this area "The Retail Space" because it is set up in a one-day-to-be shop area.
  • Main Hall - this is the large hall at the end of the wharf.  This is where the Yellow and Orange Teams are located and where the customers arrive and depart on the Ferries.  It is the largest space in the Market.

Devonport Outdoor Market Layout

Devonport Indoor Market


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