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Dalan D'Olive

Dalan D'Olive Fresh & Mineral Soap Bar with Sea Salt

Dalan D'Olive Fresh & Mineral Soap Bar with Sea Salt

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Dalan's Fresh Minerals Soaps are shower bars you can trust for gently and perfectly cleansing your body and face. Bamboo Charcoal & Natural Minerals is a 150g bar with superior qualities that your body will love from the very first use.

Dalan d’Olive 100% Olive Oil Soap has been specially developed for use on the hair and body for the gentle treatment and nourishment of sensitive skin.

Olive oil has been used as a natural remedy for over 3,000 years by many Mediterranean civilisations. When people burned, cut or damaged their skin, they would rub a small amount of olive oil on the affected area to soothe the skin and speed up the recovery process.

Olive oil contains vitamins A and E, zinc, iron, calcium, many B vitamins and a range of other nourishing minerals. Together they help to optimise the skin’s normal function, boost circulation, encourage healthy cell growth and maintain elasticity.

Our 100% Olive Oil Soap is highly recommended for all skin types, but especially for those with issues such as minor skin conditions, itchy scalps or greasy hair, as it helps lock in moisture and improves the overall health of your skin and hair. From babies to the elderly, thousands of people are making the switch to Dalan's all-natural soap — join them and find out why they love it!



Sea Salt Natural Minerals Soap are powerful and gentle cleansers.  Packed with vitamins and minerals that nourish the skin. Rich, natural moisturiser.


Use Dalan Fresh & Minerals Sea Salt & Natural Minerals Soap whenever you wash your body and face to gently cleanse them without irritating the skin. Apply the soap to moisten the body and face and work it into a mild lather. Rinse your body with plenty of water.

This soap is also ideal for use all over the body during your daily shower or bath.

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