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Dalan D'Olive

Dalan D'Olive Repairing Care Shampoo 400ml

Dalan D'Olive Repairing Care Shampoo 400ml

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Dalan d’Olive Repairing Care Shampoo nourishes your scalp while strengthening and repairing damaged hair.

It gently cleans and moisturises from root to tip, providing your hair with a natural softness and beautiful shine. The pure olive oil in our organic Dalan d’Olive Shampoo Repair Care shampoo naturally cleanses the hair and scalp without irritation. It contains a rich mix of antioxidants to help repair damage. Wheat protein combines well with olive oil and both serve to strengthen individual hair strands – making them appear thicker and glossier. Our shampoo also draws moisture into the scalp, helping to relieve itchiness and dryness.

Most of our customers start to see the benefits within just one week, making Dalan d’Olive Repairing Care Shampoo an effective and affordable way to protect and restore your hair. Try it for yourself and notice the difference!



Olive Oil Contains a nourishing blend of vitamins and minerals. Suitable for sensitive, itchy scalps.

Wheat Protein Attracts and binds moisture to the hair. Adds strength and shine.


Wet your hair with warm water and then pour a little Dalan d’Olive Repairing Care Shampoo into one hand. Rub your hands together to distribute the shampoo evenly, then apply it to your hair roots. Use your fingertips and massage it in gently to encourage healthy blood flow to the scalp. Simply let the shampoo lather run down the hair strands to the ends. Rinse your hair thoroughly and continue your hair care routine with Dalan d’Olive Repairing Care Conditioner.

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