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Emile Henry

Flame Tagine 2L Burgundy

Flame Tagine 2L Burgundy

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Dating as far back as the 9th century, the tagine's conical shape creates a moist, hot cooking environment. As the food cooks, steam rises into the cone, condenses, and then trickles back down the sides. The dish finishes tender, aromatic and rich with flavour.

  • Made from Emile Henry's special Flame® Ceramic, the tagine can be used either directly on the heat or in the oven and allows you to make delicious tagines, stews and any other recipe which requires simmering.

  • Crafted in France from Burgundian clay for gentle, even heating—ideal for bringing out flavours during slow cooking.

  • The special clay will keep the contents hot for a long time after being removed from the oven.

  • The durable glaze resists scratches and will not chip, crack or craze over time nor will it absorb odours or flavours.

Care Instructions

  • Allow to cool down completely before cleaning.
  • Do not pour cold water onto a hot dish or it may break from the thermal shock.
  • Dishwasher safe but we recommend washing by hand
  • For stubborn residue, soak in hot water and white vinegar before placing in the dishwasher
  • Colour: Burgundy
  • Material: Flame® ceramic for use directly on the heat (gas, electricity) or in the oven to a temperature of 290°C/550°F
  • Product Dimensions: Dia.27 x H20cm
  • Capacity: 2L

Made in France

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